Thursday, March 31, 2011

CHARICE for Aficionado

Photography: Dookie Ducay
Styling: Pol Tapia
Hair and Make-up: Veronica Anderson


  1. Following Charice’s career is like reading an exciting novel that you cannot put down even for a moment!
    & a whole new chapter began April 19th!
    With several new singles plus her Glee songs being released over the next few weeks - happy days!

  2. its just like a part of daily life u have to search for news about her (charice) no day passed that u won't login YT to watch charice music videos,online news and chats on cm about news on charice. her music is so addictive,can't be rehab. anitako fr houston texas.

  3. one of charice's best performances and she did it LIVE

    crisp/clear video HD